Madden Curse Me to Hell

I just realized that the regrettably bad obsession with the Madden football franchise that I once had is now finally over. Its week 4 in the NFL and I still haven’t purchased the over-rated; over-priced, Madden NFL 2012. I played the demo and it was… eh. Like every year. Having the same attention span to keep me satisfied for the moment until I realize that running unrealistic, CGI players around atrocious looking fields and surroundings must end. Same could be said about Madden. Never making a difference in improving the: fans in the stands, players/coaches on the sideline, realistic refereeing and marker holders. The freaking marker HOLDERS!


The depth, the consistency and the realistic game-play never changes with the upgrading the developer’s promise every year leading to nowhere. With that said I feel FAN-TASTIC! Refreshed in a way, that I saved $60, and also not torturing myself by watching terrible added introductions to every team! Focus on the actual game of football and what makes the fans excited to watch every Sunday. Fantastic! I can’t wait to trade player cards online with my friends… Really?


I want to focus more on the football game that was released 7 years ago and then sadly sold their rights (more like soul) to the Madden franchise. Remember the game called “NFL 2K5”? If not, go buy it right now. Even without the 2005 rosters, having Quincy Carter as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, this was and is the best NFL licensed football game ever developed. Compare it to everything Madden has to compete with and you will find that 2k5 was 100 times better! Other then not having superstar mode (Madden having not touched in decades) they have everything and more. And I do mean MORE.


Franchise mode was ridiculous, every game you played- week 1 until the super bowl- was intense and realistic to the decals on the side of teams helmets. The tackling, the throwing, the running, even punting was perfect with very few tries before to perfect the game. After every week you would get a recap from animated Chris Berman. So amazing how the developers could pull off a realistic post week show that actually had me watch at the end of every game. The depth charts and the training to get your team ready almost made me feel as if I was Tom Laundry- but with a CRIB. Designing and unlocking furniture, flooring, bubbleheads helped you relax between weeks. Even admiring the trophy room that held every trophy you would win or unlock made me feel like I actually accomplished something.


With equivalent online play, just as good as madden, 2K knocked their competition into the depth of no returning. But they did and took that franchise away from me and many others. The best part of owning the absolute finest football game made… it only cost me $20 the day of release. The day it comes back to me is the day Vick wins a super bowl, probably never. If like to know more Click This Link.